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HELPLESS - A Horrific Tale of an Abusive Relationship

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Writing is my way of expressing thoughts positively. And through this platform, I am able to share with you my simple creation.

HELPLESS - A Horrific Tale of an Abusive Relationship

HELPLESS - A Horrific Tale of an Abusive Relationship


I want to keep you
In my arms
By my side
I own you
My possession
I can do whatever I want
And you’ll obey
Whatever it is I command

My dominion over you
Is not an obsession
Don’t define it wrongly
This is love
If you feel like I’m choking you
It’s not violence
It's self expression

I am so passionate
Greatly driven
And I’ll stick to my words
None can come between us
If ever there is
I’ll bury him
With one foot
Sticking out of the ground
As evidence

As a warning to others
That may have dirty intentions for you
Loving is protecting
And I am overprotective
Because I care
And most of all
I love you

Stick this inside your thick skull
You are mine
Don’t even think of trying to escape
The day you came into my life
The day we were bounded by fate
To be blessed by faith
Is something you need to wait
I’m just making sure
Bare the pain of the chains
Sacrifices had to be made

If you have not fully committed to our love
There's still time to change your mind
Teach your heart
To honor my gift
Of faithfulness
And truthfulness
Because honestly
You don’t have any other choice
If you want to remain pretty
Don’t ever question my judgment
And always obey my voice

This is how it is now
Don’t turn your back on me
Let’s make our relationship healthy
You are lovely
And I’m your prince
And let’s keep it that way
This whole love story
It will have a horrible twist
You can choose
As a princess who wakes up
And marries a handsome prince
Or someone who’s afraid to sleep
A lovely wife? Or
A prisoner of a nightmare

A helpless blonde
Who is a resident of Elm Street

How To Leave An Abusive Relationship Safely

© 2021 Erl Sua

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