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Heal Our Land

We Join Hands in Prayer for Healing


On our faces oh merciful God

We take heels to you Lord

And up, we look to you

Seeking for refuge

Oh, saviour of all

With a hefty heart of sorrow

For a great calamity befall us

So, we lift a prayer in beseech for your touch

A touch to spifflicate dead this pandemic

A touch to wipe this menace

A touch to heel the land

Lord, even if we were forgetful of ourselves

To have engaged in your detest

And have committed ourselves in a way

Warranting this call, a cane-punishment

That brought panic, wailing and deaths

We pray you, oh magnanimous Yahweh

To forgive; forgive Lord forgive

Grace us with healing; great physician of all

And heal our land

And let us see a new dawn with cheer

Heal our land Lord

© 2021 Isaac Teye Coffie