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He Is Mine



He who isn't mine is my pain
He who isn't mine is my gain
He who isn't mine is mine to claim
He is mine despite the rain.

He isn't mine, but my heart his claim
He isn't mine, but my love is gained
He is mine no doubt, my choice to wait
He is mine, my love, you are my fate.

He is mine, my eyes you're all I see
He is mine, his eyes see the real me.
His lips I long to touch with mine
To feel the breath of love and sigh.

His gaze that trace all that there is
He pierces through all that remains
The mask that hid all that was there
The pain and the scars, and yet he still cares.

His voice that caresses
Oh how my heart flutters
Surprise how that felt
Made me all melt.

Felt the chills on my skin
Felt the warmth, not a whim
My breath caught not with pain
But of love's passion, I'm not ashamed.

Yet he isn't mine, but I know I need time
The heart decides, not you nor I.
Cannot deny, cannot escape
I know he is mine, I am his, my heart he kept.

© 2018 Liz Mistica

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