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H.c.i.d. What Can We Do to Help You Help Us?

Corporate land grab! Corporate Land grab! Corporate Land Grab! People are being pushed out of their homes! Will never be the Headline!

H.C.I.D. Protest At McAuthor Park

We The People

We The People

yard signs to show we are the tenants united

yard signs to show we are the tenants united

Prepared for the H.C.I.D. Protest

  • My paperwork is bad. I'm a lost cause. Help from this may never arise. My expectations are low.
  • Situations may differ from soul to soul.
  • Asking the kangaroo court, for help with their colleagues. We know you are all on the same team.
  • Supposed to fight for the rights of the people.
  • I thank you for sending the email. Thank you for hearing me out. I know allegiance is to the system.
  • That ignores our pleas. Ignoring the pleas from us, confirms you work for the system. The façade is that you work for us.
  • The bi-laws are in place to protect us. Masquerading until the final judgements bust.
  • Our bubble.
  • That you as an entity put in place for us by us, will actually defend, but by nature of the beast will have you defy us.
  • Telling the lie! Promoting the lie!
  • That you defend our rights from the corporations against us.
  • With paperwork drive by's, loving the lie, until it's battle tested.
  • And hear with your own ears, they're on the same side.
  • As those, who are quick to arrest us, kill us, or displace us.
  • The streets are filling up, but! tent cities are being cleaned up, the people are moved but set right back up.
Flower Drive Tenants Association Members Speaking Up!

Flower Drive Tenants Association Members Speaking Up!

  • Cause being they know survival.
  • Much respect to those out there surviving.
  • We as the people have rights. Those rights will be ignored.
  • Unless we push, the people put in place to protect our rights, to truly being interested in protecting our rights.
  • Billions being approved, to end or go to war with homelessness.
  • Or is it go to war with the homeless?
  • Temporary clean ups targeting certain areas to be swept.
  • The aim is off, cause my block don't get hit, until the lights of events get lit.
We The People

We The People

Who do we complain to?

  • The ones taking complaints act like they really hear you.
  • They want to help, but they know victory won't approach or come near you.
  • Voices are coming from defeated places already saying we can't win.
  • So the few voices claiming we have the power, saying we can win.
  • Shakes the ground, Making for a better end.
  • What do you need " H.C.I.D.?"
  • To help you defend us, the people who gave you our trust.
  • We will help you, help us, cause the power is with the people under attack by Corporations "R" us.
  • Land Grab! Land Grab! Land Grab! People pushed out of their homes,
  • Will never be the headline.
  • Defend the people, put the corporations in their place, before they monopolize our demise.
  • Monopolize our struggle so profits can double.
  • During all this the displaced people will huddle, to keep warm on those harsh days and blistering nights, wishing they still had a home.
  • Not being welcome or allowed in the billion dollar zones, that were manipulated jackin' me for my home, Jackin' us for our homes.
Views from Flower Drive in Los Angeles ca.

Views from Flower Drive in Los Angeles ca.

Drafts of Flower Drive design logos


Flower Drive Updates

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    ONE QUESTION MY QUESTION OUR QUESTION THE QUESTION! That chose me. Is a Rhetorical Question. The evidence has touched down. Why was Curren Price receiving you support? Donations most likely, means promises were made. All that is business! My question
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    This collection is for the L.A.T.U specifically for the block of Flower Dr. We meet weekly to support each other in this time of homelessness gone wild in Los Angeles alone. Remedies have not been enough and resources were granted in the time of this

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