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Sometimes I wanna push you away but am certain I can't do without you. Its crazy the things I battle in my head and they all revolve around you. And crazy how you always win even when you not really involved, not even knowing am trying to really figure out if am really worthy for you.
Its crazy trying to figure out if you sound more sincere when you say you miss me over the phone, or when you say it staring straight in my eye and its even crazier because that line always hits like it did the first time.
How you drive me mad and still manage to make me smile is something I still don't understand. How you still love me after annoying and driving you crazy is still something I honestly try not to repeat The site of you still makes my heart rate climb, your hugs are an embrace I crave. Your touch, I still don't have words for it.
Its crazy I don't intend on telling you this, I honestly don't want you to ever read this. And hopefully I wish you never do, but if you do, I'd like you to know you really are the definition of love, and I wouldn't change a thing about you.

And the craziest bit is I miss you when you right there next to me.

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