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Vishw Deepak Jain is a student at Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

All eyes are on me whilst I am eyeing at you;

They are waiting to hear me, while I am attending you;

The queue to talk to me is full of humans, but your is filled with emotions;

Emotions; may that be hope, love, charm or fear.

But who cares as I have achieved you;

Achieved you; being the hardest achievement;

Though achieving you is not enough, but I have.

The bond we share now is indescribable;

Indescribable like illness of the stars without any prescription.

They say no one is perfect, but you are;

Not for the world, but for me;

For me, as you are my world;

And my world is perfect.

© 2018 Vishw Deepak Jain

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