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I've always loved writing. It is my passion. It is my way of expressing myself.

The corners of her mouth turned up

with her lips covered in chaps.

He looks at her, never wanted to stop.

Yet as he gaze at those two radiant orbs of beauty,

he perceived something strange, and gloomy.

T'was even a mystery.

Tranquilized he may seem

and thought of it as a dream

but deep inside

his heart wants to scream

as he sees the beauty

in her within.

© 2019 Noreen Romagos


Noreen Romagos (author) from Philippines on August 16, 2019:

oh thank you :)

Adnan from Earth, Universe on August 16, 2019:

And he is blessed for he can see the beauty within....

There's just so much in this simple yet profound verse...and such important messages have been conveyed through it....a beautiful write....Thanks for sharing...!

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