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Grandma_ and _Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa

Growth of a man,

Into a superman,

Is metaphoric enough.

Getting into this world,

With a cuddle from mother,

Growing taller and acting bigger,

While secretly yearning for childishness.

Reaching teens,

Getting grumpier as ever,

Promising to never let go,

Reaching a bond and faith,

Sparing for family,

Easy to grow up,

Rather grow old,

Each day a step away from death.

Being a child again,

Grumpier and clumsier than ever,

But outside more clever,

Cherish those expensive times,

With many of the climbs,

We don't stop playing because we grow

Old and cold,

But because we stop playing.

O Grandma and Grandpa,

Neither of you are old,

We all are babies in front of our mother's eye,

Continue being that child and baby,

With a huge tummy.

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