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Gunned Down for Love

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There have been unrest in the land for couple of days, the government have been having

Series of meeting on how to meet with the people to talk to them, placate them of the need to

Let peace thrive in the land, for it is where peace thrives that development could take place.

However, it seems as if several meetings that have been taken place there have not been a

Consensus among the representatives from different quarters on how to go about allowing for

Peace to reign in the island. Thing wouldn’t have degenerated to this, some people believed

Assuming the leaderships have had listening ears to what the people have been saying but

Since they have ignored peaceful resolutions that was what prompted the people to take to the

Streets to demand for what they considered their rights in a legitimate way. Things have been

Going on normally with everyone appraising the conduct of the demonstrators this time

Around, no one has had it in mind that the demonstrators could press for their demands

Peacefully as they have been doing within the island. This stupefied the leaderships of the

Island, for the demonstrators have been gaining ground among the people of the island and

Those who have abinitio been supporting the government of the island are no longer

Supporting them not excluding those who are living outside the country. Since this has been

So, the government of the island want to diffuse people’s focus on the peaceful

Demonstrators and thence have taken a barbaric step ordering the killings of the peaceful

Demonstrators, though they have denied this after many people have been killed in the island.

On seeing this, it was as if fuel has been added to the fire as people who have not joined

Them joined in full force and this warrants the leaderships to declare curfew in the island.

There has been a young man who have just found his heart beat, a beautiful damsel, a dream

That he can call his own. They have met on the social media and have been getting it on

Well together. For the love, the guy has for the young lady he has decided to pay her a

Surprise visit and had traveled before the curfew was announced in the island. On getting to

The island, the lady was extremely surprised to see her lover and they have had nice

Moments together in the hotel that the young man puts up at. Since there has been 24 hours

Curfew in the island, which was eventually extended, the lady and the young man were

Having nice moment together. Soon the government on seeing that she is losing millions

Of money by the curfew has decided to relax the curfew by some hours. After the relax of the

Curfew she has mandated people who are senior officers in the establishments to report to

Work. When this young man heard this over the media he started saying his “goodbyes”

To his lover, while his lover having experienced uncommon joy, comfort and peace during

The time they had spent together have promised to come over to his place the following

Died For Love

Weekend for she will take leave of absence for certain days from the office where she

Works. He had been happy to hear this and told her he couldn’t wait to see her in his place

The following weekend, in fact to him he feels he should go with him as he is leaving the

Hotel that moment, but the lady cautioned on that and asks that he allows it to play out

Like that, for after their meeting the following weekend they can now talk about time to

Formalize everything for now she has been filled up with his love.

She rides with him to the border of the town she lives in in his car. They talked for

Minutes again at the border before the guy eventually drove off and she will continue to

Watch his car until the car was out of sight. While she was watching the car, the young man

Too was checking the mirror to look at her, this he continues to do until he couldn’t sight

Her again and then the lady also boards a bike to her apartment in the town.

As he continues in the journey, he has been sighted by one of the security personnel of the

Island, and instead of arresting him had opened fire on the vehicle and the bullet of the

Gun hit the man on the chest, he died on the spot. As he has been killed the person fled, but

Someone in the nearby bush who had seen the whole incident as it happened had narrated it

To people of the media that the security operatives have said to his partner before

Shooting that the car resembles one of the cars of those people who have been staging

Peaceful protests in the land, and that he is on his way to the place. His partner has reproved

Him, but on looking right and left and seeing no one at sight had fled the scene. The man

Who saw it all added that assuming the man was even the ring leader of those who have been

Peacefully demonstrating why cant he be arrested, taken to the court, and tried according to

The laws of the land? This kind of barbaric act needs to stop the man has said.

When the photo of the young man was posted on the social media, the lady she has visited

Had talked about his past few hours with her, how they had been planning to meet by the

Weekend and subsequently talk about how they would forever be happily living together.

It would take her months before getting over the loss of the young man, it was a deadly blow

To her. The government promises to look into the incident but it was only a superficial

Statement and briefly done, which does not hold substance as nothing could be deducted

From the panel of enquiries set up to look into the matter. While he was being buried, the

Lady would wrote on his epitaph, that “you have died for me, your lover, I will forever

Remember thee”.


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