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Gun to Your Head.

Amanda Nechesa is sucker for the fictional world, she always has been. She finds joy in creating little worlds with her fictional charact


Baby, gun to your head, will you choose me?

Will you stand in front of those people whose opinions you think matter so much and say you love me?

That you are willing to risk it all, loose it all for a chance to kiss my lips once more?

Will you hold my hand loosely when you kiss me, or will you hold it tightly, afraid I might slip and walk away?

Will you wonder if I love you back, if I ever loved you; or you already know.

Gun to you head darling, come on, answer me.

Gun to your head, will you love me in public? Or will you be afraid that your wife might catch us, that your niece might see us, that the mama mboga might gossip.

Will you still mutter the sweet nothings in my ear? Or will you pretend you know nothing of my existence, pretend am just any other man you hate; rather than that man you love.

Gun to you head sweetheart, gun to your head; will you finally admit what you are?

Will you look at the “saints” you hold so high up in your own measures of scale and tell them who you are, what you are?

Will you have that courage darling? To start the admission of sin, the admission of liking ass rather than pussy?

Gun to your head honey, will you spell out what you are terrified even of saying to yourself?

Will you look in the mirror, at the reflection of your perfect handsome self; and finally finally say I’m Dave and I’m gay.

Gun to your head baby. Your choice.