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Meaning Of Love

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Meaning Of Love

It is a madness

It makes you do crazy things

Yet you think you’re sane

It is a dream

It makes you not wanna wake up

Yet you feel it is real

It is blind

It makes you see things differently

Yet you think you see better

Everyone is in it

In one way or the other

It may be with

Your father, your mother

Your son, your daughter

Your brother, your sister

Your uncle, your aunt

Your nephew, your niece

Your relative, your friend

Your neighbor, your colleague

Your boyfriend, your girlfriend

Your husband, your wife

Your doll, your pet

Even with your God

God created it to be so perfect

Guess its name


To be in love is

To have something/someone

Close to one's heart

What/who are you in love with?


© 2019 Ehilenbalu David Uduebor