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Guckenberger's Poems and Musings

Alex has taught at four public schools, been accepted into three honorary societies, and traveled the Americas and Europe. He has his BS.


A Something Like Nothing?

What is the difference between nothing and something?
If nothing can manifest itself as a thought,
then is it not also a something?


Dark Light

If light erases darkness, then what rids the world of light?
Or, contrary to popular belief,
does darkness take away the light?


Joyous Pain

Is joy merely the body's reaction to sorrow?
Can the two ever be separated?
Will love ever truly persist without hate?


Monotheistic Pluralism

Is there anything absent of dichotomies except for G-d?
Still, do not the ancient Mazdaasnians present
their archetype of the Almighty as the Yin to a Yang?


Salvation is a Beginning

Salvation of any kind cannot be a means to an end.
Those who search for it the very hardest,
never stop in their labors.


To Speak

Communication is like a bird who is high in the sky.
Many people on the ground will see her,
but no one will ever touch her feathers.


The Divine Light

Let us rewind to our discussion of light.
Darkness can only ever been contained,
but light is a god who can be created.


Mind Over Wine

The fermentation of the maturing mind,
is a thing far greater than that from the vine;
For a mature grape can make one fall,
and a good mind aid the body to stand tall.


Judging One's Friends

G-d did not send his son to condemn,
this from Saint John we comprehend.
But, if one must harshly judge another,
best not it be a stranger but a brother.


Duty of the Holy

While the faithful wait for Deseret,
the toils of the workers to beget.
The dreamer can dream whilst she plows,
no law presented for this to disallow.


Hope Above Hope

Greek pillars support the Latin rooves,
amidst old Iranians and Jewish youths.
The American put poweder into his gun,
and the Brits' skin darkened under Sun.
How would the ancient Hindu have known,
that to the Greek his schools be shown?
Nothing knew may roam beneath our star,
though complex growth is reaching afar.


Idle Like an Idol

That is, Prophet Smith didn't sit idle,
the sufi dances not for a workless idol.
Dear Joseph did labor all of his life,
showing us salvation within our strife.


Responsibility of the Last Kind

The angels made heaven and earth,
and Heavenly Mother gave soul birth.
But, to whom is credited death?
Who is it takes the inhaling breath?

© 2018 Alexander James Guckenberger

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