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Growth of a Friend

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Growth of a Friend

A lot of the times has Truth walked past me
I asked, "don't you ever fall in love?"
The truth replied, "I am what you call 'love', yet you fail to see"

I inhaled the breeze in its words, it smelt like the morning grass
I closed my eyes to see what it meant
And felt what the dew drops on my eyelashes meant.

I asked the truth again, "do you never make friends?"
The truth replied, "I am in a friend, a friend you love, and I am what you call 'love'
Like the blue sky cherishes a white dove"

I stopped to ponder amid the flocks of white swans
Their wings defined the truth - dusk to dawn
I gazed at the green mountains leaning on the horizon
The clouds like a crown on its proud reason
"Truth be told" screamed the sky, "love never exceeds a friend,
A message with all the blue hue I send"

I asked the truth again, "do you ever lie?"
The truth replied an ode that I will never forget
And, thereafter, I had always cried
It said, " when you hurt a friend or a love, it turns to a solid stone
You touch the stone to sense the pain and feel it wet and alone
In great disbelief, you wonder, but perhaps never ask, "does a stone ever cry?

"So, do I ever lie"? retorted the truth
And rushed past me
It left a bright yellow leaf printed with glee
A heavenly word called " Friend"
And, hereafter, with the truth I've blend
The leaf had the veins in an adorable mesh
Filled with the colour of Love
Flowing so happily free just like the white dove
It set me free
The truth I now know is just a seed of a friend
That grows on the soil of love within me.


True friends are like the seeds sown in your heart one day. It grows with trust, sharing love and caring to become a mature relationship. The growth endures questions seek the truth and reflect on each other's existence.

© 2021 Muhammad Mizanur Shuvra


Muhammad Mizanur Shuvra (author) from Toronto on May 11, 2021:

Absolutely true Lorna. I appreciate your beautiful comment and words of motivation. Blessings!

Lorna Lamon on May 11, 2021:

A lovely poem capturing the value of true friendship. I believe that friends come and go, however, true friends are those whose footprints make a lasting impression in our lives.

Muhammad Mizanur Shuvra (author) from Toronto on May 10, 2021:

Thank you so much Brenda for reading and inspiring me. From a great writer like such comments mean a lot to me :) Cheers!

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 10, 2021:

True friendship is sometimes hard to find but it is definitely worth it.

It does mature and grow.

Sometimes people's hearts do turn to stone..thry become cold after suffering so many untrue friendships.

Nice poetry.

Muhammad Mizanur Shuvra (author) from Toronto on May 10, 2021:

What a lovely expression :) Thank you so much for reading my poem and leaving a beautiful comment. Cheers!

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on May 10, 2021:

True friends are worth their weight in gold!

Muhammad Mizanur Shuvra (author) from Toronto on May 10, 2021:

Thanks, mam! that's very inspiring! :)

Farah N Huq from Dhaka, Bangladesh on May 10, 2021:

Beautiful words.......Enjoyed it thoroughly!

Misbah Sheikh from The World of Rebels. on May 10, 2021:

Muhammad, Poetry is about being creative. It is filled with emotions. I am pleased to know that my few words of appreciation have helped you feel better and you have gained self-confidence.

Blessings always!!

Misbah Sheikh from The World of Rebels. on May 10, 2021:

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts on my poems. I am glad to know you liked it. You are most welcome to comment on my articles. I always welcome comments. Gratitude

Blessings and Peace to you as well

Muhammad Mizanur Shuvra (author) from Toronto on May 10, 2021:

Absolutely correct! You've added some invaluable characteristics. True friends are a bit pushy sometimes and that is because they sincerely care :) Thank you so much for reading this piece. I was afraid that it was a bit long and might have got boring, but you've given me my confidence back - just like a true friend :)

Misbah Sheikh from The World of Rebels. on May 10, 2021:

Beautiful poetry, Muhammad. A true friend is a gift of God. A real someone you can rely on regardless of the circumstances. Who will walk with you in dark and light. While they may give you the advice you don't want to hear. But that’s what makes them even more special and important, no?

Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece


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