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Growth: Tuesday's Inspiration No 25, to Patrecia Canosa

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.


Adorned in The Robes of Solitude

Adorned With the Robes of Solitude

My task, was to be the bearer of the burden

That You gave me, and I bore it like the night

Does my shadow, concealing it from the sun.

The truth of my helplessness left many scars, and

Loneliness pierced my heart, like one lying on beds of

Nails, and my soul called for a river of glue to seal my sorrows.

Silence was a dark knight without the shining

Armour, only the spear of adversity, to torment

My bleeding wounds. I died daily, lost in the pit of

Self-made remorse, feasting on liquor to drown my fears.

Still, I rose. For even as darkness faded and the light of dawn

Awoke, so too, my Beloved came, carrying the sweet scent

Of lavenders. I was lifted from the gorge of delusions, and adorned

With the robes of solitude, only to lie on the effulgent lap, of the Unknowable

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 24th May 2022



From stone I rose to vegetable; from animal

I evolved human, constantly moving in an upward

Spiral. I grow constantly and will eventually

Shed this mortal coil. Nothing remains the same.

I am an immortal spark concealed in an embryo,

An infant transformed into the grandsire that I am.

Once a seed, I became a plant … a tree with foliage and

Branches, offering my melliferous fruits to humanity.

I am the snow-filled winter clematis; the tiny daffodils

Which grew buds, bloomed and blossomed, into the

Glories of spring. I’m the light flowering into another

Virgin dawn, whispering praises to Love.

I dance in a play of impermanence, like a mirage

In the desert, believing the transient, while

Forgetting the real. Growth, like hope, a candle of

Light, relies on Love which sometimes feed me adversity--

Pestilences, Tsunamis … earthquakes, to enhance my progress.

Just as I feel uncomfortable with stools

But love the child, so too, I appear to

Hate what I truly wish to Love. I feel

Uneasy with that which hurts me, and

Flock to, like sheep, my near and dearest ones.


Yet growth is a paradox, which, even as it gives

Me the light of roses, so too, it is borne out of

The sting of thorns. The cry of the newborn, is a

Magical melody to the mother, yet it comes with labour,

Or intensity of pain. Everything grows through struggle!

Growth will always be a sharp-edged sword, and

Wisdom will not descend without challenges.

Revolution means transformation, but in the process, the

Vision is like chaos and confusion, before it becomes the

Hanging Gardens of Babylon; the Greek Pyramids of Egypt.

Science has brought great advances in medicine, technology;

Electronics. I fly to the moon and sometimes achieve the

Seemingly impossible. Yet in my pursuit of materialism, I must

Learn not to impede, the opulence of the Heart. Colour and vile has

Adorned the media, but ease of access, has only enhanced my shadows.

Surgery undoubtedly helps, but like war itself, it is the nature

Of scalpels to leave scars. As a child, I spoke and understood like

Children do, but when I became a man, the childish things diminished.

For now, a murky droplet, I greet the river face to face, knowing

That one day, I’ll cease to be the drop flowing to the ocean, but the

Ocean in the drop. This is growth, matured into wisdom, of course. I

Have moved from Kindergarten to University, each flower as needful as

The other, for to the child, lilies have their own charm, as daffodils to me.

Life gave me lemons, without which I could not know mangoes;

Sometimes I touched the stinging nettles, before embracing

The magnolias and cherry-blossoms. It is growth that teaches me,

That the Potter molds me into clay, only to shape me into a beautiful vase.

Industrialization and knowledge, accompanied by some of the finest

Minds have changed much, giving me greater incentives. Now

I need the growth of the Spirit, to re-discover the glory … of Love.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 7th May, 2022


© 2022 manatita44

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