Grown Up Rhymes

Updated on November 17, 2017

Never Stop Growing

In 1978 it all begins.
Five kids became best friends.
They won a high school basketball game.
Then celebrated after the game.
They are then encouraged to live their lives.
To get families and love their wives.
When they grow up that is just what they do.
LENNY has a family that he is devoted to.
ERIC claims to co-own a furniture store.
KURT's stay at home and answers the door.
ROB is a happy divorcee.
MARCUS is known for his slacking.
They all harass one another.
But they all love one another.
They found their high school coach has died.
They take a day out of their personal lives.
To attend the funeral service.
They then go on a vacation.
On a vacation for the weekend.
Spending the 4th with all his old friends.
They share childhood memories.
They talk about their childhood dreams.
They fish together. They Laugh together.
They even spread the funeral ashes together.
They learn things about their families.
They teach their kids how to stay happy.
To stay happy by having innocent fun.
Doing what they did to have fun.
They visit a waterpark.
They have fun with the kids before dark.
They meet their High School rivals.
They engage in an innocent battle.
The give their childhood rivals.
The rematch they wanted for a while.
The rivals end up winning.
All thanks go to Lenny.
But Lenny proved by losing.

Grown Ups 2


Three yrs after the lake house.
Lenny decides to move out.
He relocates to his hometown.
Shows his kids around his town.
One day he awakes.
To a live deer in his face.
He and his wife ROXANNE.
Try to get him out any way they can.
After waking up startling the it.
It urinates on the bed because of it.
It also urinates on Lenny.
The deer runs and ends up crashing.
Crashing into the bathroom.
It is then led out of the room.
Lenny leads it out of the house.
While his wife, tells him about.
About a dream of another baby.
Wanting a much bigger family.
But Lenny loves it as is.
Basically tells his wife he wants no more kids.
Meanwhile, in the Lamonsoff home.
ERIC feels his wife is not practical.
Practical in raising the kids.
SALLY supported all they did.
KURT celebrates their anniversary.
Only to find that his wife completely.
She completely forgot about it.
& Marcus meets his son Branden.
The crew roams around town.
Remembering how they had fun in the town.
Lenny sees his childhood bully.
The bully's name is TOMMY.
Lenny argued that he could take him.
Sees Tommy and is scared of him.
Tommy heard what Lenny said.
Then threatens him if he does it again.
Later, they go to quarry.
They all decide to go swimming.
It is frat boys there partying.
Who ends up forcing.
Forcing them to jump in naked.
While Marcus son Branden.
Sees it and vows revenge.
While Lenny invites his friends.
To their 1980's themed party.
All are dressing like somebody.
Somebody in the past.
While Marcus moments last.
He bonds with his son.
While Roxanne encourage another one.
Another child. Roxanne then reveals.
That she is pregnant and the pills.
The pills didn't work that she was given.
Despite what he said, Lenny loved it.
Their party goes well.
Until Tommy shows up and tells.
Tells everyone that Lenny can't fight.
Tommy challenges Lenny to a fight.
Tommy decides to lose on purpose.
Making Lenny look tough was worth it.
They develop a mutual respect.
While the frat boys arrive upset.
Upset their frat house is damaged.
They insult the town residents.
They battle but later regret it.
They leave there defeated.
While Lenny meets up at Eric's.
Sharing an embarrassing photograph.
They all share a big laugh.
Lenny sees the new baby as a great thing.
He an his wife end up reconciling.

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