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Grown: A Poem

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.

I’m not that kid that used to

Live in ignorance


Take an inference

I’m different

I’m older and


Shoulders broader

Akin to my horizons

I’ve been


Now stay calm

Yes my palm

Has the whole world

And no longer your hand

But it’s all part of the plan

Growing up

Becoming a man

Throwing up


Up at the man

Taking a stand

For the things I


Because I can


I no longer need

To be fed the bread that you make

For I’m capable of making my own

I’m marking my zone

But never alone

For you’ll always be by my side

Do or die

And I yours

How could I not

You taught me my numbers

My ones from my fours

Opened doors

That I could never open myself

Kept me healthy

And wealthy

In love

You did more than enough

Now it’s my turn

To fly and thrive

To make mistakes and discern

Wrong and right choices

Your voices

They guide me

The noises

In my head

Try me

But they can just

Bite me

Fight me

Dark thoughts

Because I am light


Like my future

You the

Reason I walk the way I do

You the

Reason I talk the way I do

You my

Inspiration so that I can do

Anything that I desire

Yet the babying is something I tire

It’s time for you to let me walk on my own





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