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Grim Reaper Tales

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Grim Reaper Tales

Grim Reaper Tales

Grim reaper, Whose soul are you getting today?

Don't bother me while I am working or you will pay?

Grim Reaper, why don't you take the ill first?

Satan loves fools so the guy will die who drank and drove

Now stop bothering me and move.

I think I will accompany you today,

to see the souls you reap and the bodies you turn to clay.

Fine by me just to stand in my way.

Haa, now look at that gal chatting on her phone while crossing the street

A truck will come hit her in two second, death is surely sweet.

Now what do we have here, somebody on the roof and wants to jump

Make it quick you moron so I can reap your soul and go have lunch

Take a look at this home, the husband cheated now his wife is broken

She will shoot him in the head in one minute, another soul token.

The smell of death is everywhere, haaa, such a delight

Right now my brothers are lurking over at the army, where death is sweeter than an apple pie

Let's go to the hospital to check out a few ailing kids

and reap their little souls and rake it in big

Did you hear that, stupid people saying prayers crying for help

But not even God cares when the Reaper waves his scythe

I will cut the life of any and everyone soon

From good grandma's to baby just born at noon

I will stifle, I will watch and drink their pain

Death will fall on this land like a bad shower of rain

What are your ailments, head, heart, something not right?

Accept death, it will make your life bright.

© 2019 Clive Williams

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