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Grey Skies Turned To Blue

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I Can't Wait

I am thinking ahead

Dreaming of this exact moment

Right now it looks pretty dismal outside

I am fighting a cough and a slight cold

It is amazing how much our health can change in an instant

One minute feeling fine

The next thing we are down and out

Eating yogurt and having a teaspoon of honey

Drinking warm tea

All can help me feel better

It is one thing to take care of someone else when they are sick

Then again when you don't feel well and the shoes on the other foot

A head cold and it just won't go away

I have asked it nice to take a hike

To go somewhere else

Anywhere but here

You are not wanted and are not welcome

So for the last time

Good bye


As my day is just beginning

A little before eight

I could not sleep

Yes, the cough kept bugging me

The weather has slowly been getting colder

Work has gone quite well

All things considering things are looking up

My wife's foot finally healed

The doctor says another two weeks in the boot

Even though the outside has been sealed

Layers of skin are still mending underneath

Then maybe she can transition to a slipper and a sneaker

It has been a long three months

I am proud to say we have made it

For everyone who is struggling with their own personal issues

In secret or out in the open

I only want you to feel better too

I hope you progress and also achieve your desires

As much as we all fight our private battles

We are really on the same team

I am not out of the woods yet

I see a clearing off in a distance

I am going to keep walking till I get there

As I step into the light

I feel alright

Life is funny and crazy in so many ways

Just the way our body recovers the way it does

Through all, it's struggles and difficulties

Resilient in the end

Off to a new day

So determined to make it better than yesterday

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