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Greeting Card: I Will Always Be Your Little Girl

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Greeting Card Summary

Greeting card: I will always be your little girl is a poem that expresses her feelings about her dad.

She feels blessed to have him as a dad. He inspires her to grasp new opportunities.

She will always be his little girl no matter where life takes her.

"The Shire's - Daddy's Little Girl "


Greeting Card: I Will Always Be Your Little Girl

No matter how many years pass

I will always be

your little girl.

I will never out grow

needing you

in my life.

You inspire me

in ways I cannot put into words,

your wisdom guides me

to new opportunities.

I am truly blessed

to have you

as my Dad.

Happy Father’s Day!

1GN -Daddy's Girl

How to Write a Greeting Card

It always touches someone when you pour words from your heart onto the page and give it to them on a special day.

Find a quiet place and let your thoughts drip down onto a piece of paper. Think of every way that person touches your life and start making notes.

Before long you will have a short poem to give them.

Don't just make up words though. Make certain to include thoughts that touch your relationship.

The one above is quite simple, but I can broaden it out to reflect certain moments I recall, which is what I reccomend.

Just speak from the heart & watch as their eyes sparkle.


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