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Greed For Money Over Memories

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No Time To Wait


You wouldn't listen and didn't care

You made it clear

Every time

Greed for money over memories

There will come a day

That all you said and did

Will be in black and white

You can not hide

You can try to change the facts

No use, lies are lies

I could not believe you would do such a thing

Family was everything

A childhood home that meant so much more

Rush to sell

No matter what I thought

Each memory traded and soon forgotten

Love under the roof

Four boys raised and fed

Taught to do what is right

Help others who need it more

The back door was twenty- four steps to the front

Two small bedrooms and a tiny kitchen

Not a house a home

Greed for money over memories

My mother had different colored curtains all the time

With floor rugs to match

Mom loved to decorate for Christmas

Nothing else mattered

I carried every Christmas decoration down

From the trap door in the ceiling

A fake free and a Christmas wonderland display

Every room had something

In the summer my fathers lawn kept watered and cared for

Raking leaves every summer

Was never a chore

The house changed color from brown and pink trim

To a bright white

I remember putting red bricks to widen the tar side walk

A windy corner where the snow would drift

Clearing the front of the house

Only to see the plow

Push the snow up against the metal gate

Where the garbage pail and the metal barrels went

My mom loved to see the kids on Halloween

Dressed and running up the wooden stairs

We could hear the mailman drop mail in the metal box

The raindrops tapping loudly on the aluminum awning

Two rose bushes on either end

A little garden on the side

A tiny shed in back

With two bikes and board games stacked high

One big rock near the gate

A tree outback not too far from the close line

We had a screen house and a little pool

A swing set that we could swing to the moon

Once we had a turtle

That would nip at your toes

Two gerbils and a closet door that always came off track

A cot that pulled out into a couch

Bookcases in our bedroom that dad made

Many dogs and cats all before my time

You made your bed

Now you can lie in it

Greed for money over memories

The front fence had a dent where a car crashed one Friday night

A florescent kitchen light dropped from the ceiling

There were no inside doors

So you could easily take a quick peek into every room

Once I cracked my head wide open

On one of those big metal radiators

Dark brown wall to wall cabinets hung in the kitchen

Old wooden floors still had a Murphy's wax

We often buffed and shined

The bathroom with white block tiles

Complete with a little tiny sink. tub and toilet

You didn't need the money

You wouldn't let me keep it

I asked nicely

You wouldn't have it

Greed for money over memories

Years later the house worth four times the money

You know I would never sell

For their was never a price

Mom and dad worked so hard

To call it their own

Saving whenever they could

All their life

You gave up their legacy

What little we had

Memories can't be sold

© 2021 DREAM ON