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Each day as I rise, I always greet a morning's sun,

I do praise the Lord above me until the day is done.

Another day to live and breathe, enjoy my fine life,

A precious repose, its tranquillity, without any strife.


This awesome world, its beauty, a kaleidoscope supreme,

All those colors of the rainbow do my every doubt redeem.

How could there not be a Creator, one of such generosity,

When we view all that's there before us each, ours to see?


It always makes me happy, when sunsets are so grand,

As the sun does rise and set, is such beauty in His plan.

The pristine delights he gives for free, not at any charge,

The wonders of each creature there, from small to large.


Are all in every life's well lived, so fine and ours He shares,

Miraculous signs from Him to us, show how much He cares.

A world of grace and wonders, and is ours to well preserve,

Shows that we have gratitude, and of these gifts do deserve.


We all thank our Lord and Master, for each and everything,

The joyous revelations, and that every fine day does bring.

Heavenly world that we now have, as another awaits above,

The expressions of a Maker's devotion, all signs of His love.