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A Tribute to the Farmers: Poem

Chitrangada likes to express herself by writing fiction and poetry. Her writing reflects her mood and is inspired by the beauty of nature.

A crop field seen through a running train window

A crop field seen through a running train window

Gratitude to the Farmers or the ‘Annadata’ (The Food Provider)

The thoughts behind the poem

Recently, while on a train journey, I was looking out of the train window.

The train was passing through some villages.

The sight was so beautiful—full of green fields, ready for harvest, some ploughed fields, the heart-warming sight of the men and women farmers, busy in the fields, in their noble work. That is, to provide food for the mankind, the birds, the animals, and other living creatures.

I was overwhelmed, to see the vast and unending agricultural lands, and crop fields.

It made me wonder, about how little do we know about the crops, the crops fields, the seeds, the sowing, the harvesting, the irrigation system, and any other details, regarding the art and science of farming.

My heart is filled with gratitude for the farmers, or the annadata, as we call them in Hindi.

It is due to their hard and relentless work, and efforts that we get the food on our dining table; the most important necessity to live, and survive.

We can’t thank them enough, can we?

Therefore, whenever you take your next bite of the food, remember to thank the farmer, from your heart.

Gratitude to the Farmers

Gratitude to the Farmers

A tribute to the Farmers: Poem

From the dawn, till the dusk,

In the summers, and the winters,

In the spring, and the autumn,

Unaware, of the heat of the Sun,

Or, the rain, or wind, or storm,

They work hard, relentlessly,

The sky, and the seasons,

The soil, and the seeds,

The irrigation, and the cattle,

The markets, and the accounts,

They study, and master it all,

To grow food for everyone,

With the hair disheveled,

And the hands and clothes,

Covered, with sweat and soil dust,

They work hard, tireless and selfless,

To grow food, and improve the yields,

God’s own men—We call them Farmers.

The crop fields–ready for harvesting.

The crop fields–ready for harvesting.

We can’t even imagine, how much hard work goes into these agricultural fields.

We can’t even imagine, how much hard work goes into these agricultural fields.

© 2019 Chitrangada Sharan

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