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Gratitude Poem

I am a public high school teacher and a freelance writer. Passion led me here and I am happy to be sharing my thoughts with you.

In Honor to Lady Violet

With sophistication and glamour

Lady Violet arrives at the ballroom

Few glances, she found her best bachelor

Walks her to the dance floor

Oh! This bachelor turned out rude

Gave her but roses full of thorns

Lady violet cried and stumbled

Her knights raged, shielded and fought

Anyone couldn't have noticed

The shoes wasn't actually her own

A borrowed shoes and a cruel night

A perfect combination

That night could have been the end

Yet those shoes came as inspiration

As she walked and danced with life

Lady Violet, later she was known

Halt and see! The magic she created

The shoe wants to return the favor

To give her comfort, bring back glamour

That is the purpose they were made for

Until then the music played it's last key,

Or when the shoe faded it's sole,

The moon is the witness

To the lyrics of this love song


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