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Gratitude, a Choice.

Trying to adapt the behaviour of Gratitude,that makes life more easy and happy.

Magnet for Miracles.


Catalyst for Happiness.

Weather was hot and humid,

Everyone is grumbling to god,

What the hell,the weather.

O God! It’s too hot.

Everyone was praying for rainfall.

After one day, Weather was cool and

Pleasant, Because of rain.

Everyone became happy, enjoying

But didn’t say thank god through

Words or actions.

When pandemic was on its peak

Everyone was depressed and worried;

Saying that, its punishment of misdeeds,

Few were praying,

To get rid of, it.

While, when it was on lower rate.

No one show gratitude to God.

I think it's humans psychology

When we indulge in problems and worries

We always see toward blessing of god.

When it's all end, then

We all forget to express Gratitude.

I think gratitude is a choice,

Once someone adapt it, he always remain grateful,

Even situation is worst.

While on other place, few people enjoy all boons,

But never say gratitude towards God.

Gratitude is a;

Very Positive Emotion,

Once you chose it, It transforms your whole life

And change the way of thinking.



QURAN 14:7

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