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Grandma Brought Us Together #6

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

As he has suggested that we play this romantic relationship out a little while longer, before involving our parents, this I am also doing with all my heart. Then, I remember one of the books of the island that I read years back in which the author says, the onus is on each

lover to train his or her lover, letting him know her likes, dislikes, tastes, among other things. “How you want your family to be you can determine it during courtship, if you show uncompromised, and uncommon love to your love”, the author says. If she does not know

how to express love before, with time, she shall know it if you do not relent, in showing her your love, then she shall know this is what my partner wants and would start adjusting to what her partner wants. Having been able to do this, you will happily live in your homes and

would be spectacle of all eyes within and without. After bringing this that I have read back to my memory, I started showing him what I want, how I will like for our homes to be, a heaven on earth. I show him unhindered love, send messages to him unhindered, tease him,

play with him. When we meet at the grandma place too, she will also play with us, and would chip in one or two things to us which we shall learn from. Our joy is hers. The rumor of our romantic involvement continues to grow, yet my parents play innocence and would not

say they hear anything, nor know anything as the ancient proverb says, “words do not shake in the stomach of the elders”. Repeatedly they will tell me that, they are expectantly looking forward to the day they shall meet the person I am dating because they know I have

been dating someone. How papa? I used to ask. I have once been like you, a youth and I know the joy of love how it uses to subsume lovers, you have been demonstrating that, though you may say you are not but I know you are. “Hmmm”, I will say, it is however good

as you want to take care of yourself before introducing the person because you know the kind of parents you have that you cannot bring someone home “today” and tell us tomorrow that you no longer have interest in the person, therefore, we quite understand what you are

doing, however, do all the tests and trials fast and bring him home to us for ratification or cancelling my father would say. “Ha! Dad will you truly cancel it?” If he is unmannered and uncultured, I will cancel it. This is because marriage is deeper than “I love you” slogan, that

youths of today commonly uttered, when you get inside you will know that marriage is deeper than mere rhetoric, he says. I however know my father would not cancel any relationship, for he has said that before, that what he and my mother will only say is asking us

a single question “are you double sure of the person you brought home to us?” This is because we shall not live with you there, you are the one who shall live with him, and if you are enjoying there it is for your good, and if you are not, it again is your cup of tea not ours


again he says. Then he says, he and my mom will give us time to come with our final decision even after he has known the person. Whenever I get to him I will tell him that my parents are agitating to know him. Though he also longs to meet with them officially, but he

still wants us to play it out a little longer so that he will resolve all he wants to resolve. He is committed to the relationship, no doubt about it, he is not double dating, for he is a disciplined man. One day, my partner after the day’s work and we meet he tells me that he

meets with my father at a seminar, and he was introduced to him by a colleague. He says my father was happy to know him and after brief discussion, they exchanged phone numbers. After the incident, my spouse and father have become friends yet my father plays innocence

about the love affairs as if he has neither heard nor know anything. After a while after this, my partner says he is through with what is delaying him and we can go ahead and know each other’s parents. We set a date to meet with my parents and when I finally introduced

him to them as my partner, my father after we have done all the introduction and are dining and wining together says, they have known this for long, but do not want to push me harder, therefore, they have given me time to sort myself out. They said though they love the

young man as a person but they keep thinking that what they like I may not like, and if that be the case and they have started talking about him, it may be as if they have influenced my thought about the young man, therefore they left me to decide whether I really love him

or not, sort myself out on the crucial matter before presenting him to them. When they said this, I said “ha! Daddy!”, looking at Mom, I asked “Is this true Mom?” She nodded in affirmation. I was surprised. All the while I never knew they know, I was just thinking they

were thinking in the line of other old mothers in the society when they were asking me to come home with someone because age is no longer on my side. We all laughed at what my father said, and having resolved to be with him, he says, we should decide on when

everything would be formalized. Three months after this, we went to the registry to solidify everything, and we made the grandma the chairperson at the reception in appreciation of what she has done in ensuring that this day becomes a reality and we become one…


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