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Grandma Brought Us Together #5

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Having been attending the wedding ceremony of their friends sons and daughters, they also wish that their friends would one day rejoice with them on the wedding of their children. It is a kind of tit-for-tat in the island. This is what my parents also have in mind which is

making them to bombard me with questions repeatedly about who my spouse is. In as much as I desire to show them who my love, my desire, my heart, my favorite, my inestimable partner is, he says I should hang on a little while longer, and I am ready to play

the ball with him a little while longer after all my parents have not forced me out of their house. As I leave their presence, I went to my room and take my phone to call him. In the meanwhile, my father and mother sat by each other, and shift their discussion to another

thing. My mother and father are special lovers, their kind of love, is like atria to the ventricles of the hearts, they function together, do everything together, they are always in harmony cannot do anything without another. Since we have known them, we have never

seen them fight, though they may argue but the argument does not last long, and they usually end their argument in love, their argument do not proceed to the following day. That is how we know them, they do not leave each other, and I usually wonder how they cope,

when they are not together especially when they went to their respective offices. I asked my mother one day, how she used considering the level of their intimacy with each other after they closed from their respective work places. My mother while replying me says,

immediately they parted each day she used to feel bored, and would be looking for means of contacting him immediately she settles down at her work place, to ease herself, remove the boredom from herself, often times, as if he is reading my mind, he will phone at the time I

planned to call him, and after long or short discussion on phone the boredom would be over and she would then settle down to do her work. Failure to talk to each other on phone before the day’s activities start our minds would not be at rest and we shall continue to think


about each other wondering what could have happened to my love where she is, and as I am thinking like that he also on his end would be thinking of me. After the initial firing of talk, we would also talked several times before the office hour is over, updating each other of

what we are doing at our work stations that day, any difficulties and if there are no difficulties we would discuss some other issues on the phone teasing each other and laughing. My colleagues in the office use to look at me and they would say, the partridge don’t die

anywhere except by the side of the made ridges. I asked my mother what the meaning of the word is and she says it is a proverb in the island which means, we are inseparable. My mother then continues that when we get home we start our discussion from where we have

ended it on the phone as he keeps accompanying me in and out of the kitchen before you were given birth to, that was when he stopped following me to kitchen and would say my children would assist me. Sometimes as you presently also could attest, he may want to

surprise us by cooking meals for us all. I remember this that my mother shared with me years back and have been looking forward to this kind of love in my partner. Ever since he has told me that he has no friend, apart from me, I have been close to him, and would call repeatedly updating him about what I am doing and what I plan to do that day.