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Grandma Brought Us Together #4

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


We however regularly meet at the grandma’s place to play with grandma because she has no child of hers’ and her husband is dead. We meet at her place often she is always delighted to see us around her, as she usually prays for us that God would bless us, give us good and

covenant children in life, as we are making her happy, we shall not lack those who will always make us happy in life she will say in her prayers to God for us, while we also say Amen. Having been going to the grandma’s shop regularly and the people have been seeing

us there regularly, they started to sum things together in their minds that we must have met at the grandma’s place. The rumors of our friendship yea love has gotten to my parents but they present as if they heard nothing and would play with me normally, asking me

sometimes that they want to know who I am romantically involved with, or “do you want to be a reverend sister?” My father would teasingly ask while my mother would make a tickling sound with her thumb and middle finger together, raising the hand over her head in a

circular fashion and brings it back to the front, saying, God forbid, my daughter shall not be a reverend sister, I have given birth to her and she also will give birth to children, go into the world, and multiply populate the world that is what the Holy Book says, she will reply.

Her husband, my father would reply her, if your daughter wants to have children she will be married, and since she has not been forthcoming on who her husband, is it is logical to think maybe she does not want to be married, after all there is nothing bad in it, there are

ladies who are not married, and this does not disturb their productivity in the society, indeed Jesus himself while talking with the disciples stated that there are people who make themselves eunuch, she may want to make herself one to be able to concentrate on other

things in the society and the faith. That would not happen, that is what I am telling you, my mother would say, she will get marry and I will carry her babies like other mothers in the island are doing. As I listen to them, I started smiling. It is not that I also do not want to see

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her parent children, I also look forward to being called grandfather but she cannot impregnate herself, it is someone, yea a male who will make that happen, and if she keeps doing like this, I begin to wonder maybe she does not want to be married at all. My father says, "well, my

Pride and Gem, trust me she will get marry", my mother said on a word of finality. My father seeing me smiling then says, stop smiling and do something daughter, we want to know your lover, age is not on your side, he will say. “Soon enough Dad, you will know

him”, that is what you have been saying for quite a while, my father replied, I want you to fast-forward the timing, he say, “yes, sir”, I replied leaving their presence. The issue of getting marry in the island is not treated with glove hands by the parents, at a certain age, the

parents would be on the look out for their children’s spouse because they desire to see their grandchildren. When they therefore discover that any of their children is not bringing home his or her fiancé or fiancée, they will ask him or her if everything about him is okay,

maybe she has not been seeing males to propose to her, or maybe she has been too choosy, and would counsel her along the line, that she cannot find a perfect person in the world, but if she can find someone who scored about seventy percent in what she is looking

for in her partner she should settle with that person and start building her home. The same with the males, the parents would want to know when he shall introduce Miss Right to them.


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