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Grandma Brought Us Together #3

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He got there ahead of me, for I was delayed by some domestic issues, by the time I got to the venue of the meeting, he was already there expectantly for my arrival. When we were discussing, he at first ushered me to a place, that he has secured from the management, where we cannot be interrupted, there we sat side by side discussing, as we were

Discussing, he was playing with my fingers, caressing me, I was enjoying every bit of this, for I have never been with a man like this since I have been given birth to. There and then, I know what it is to be in love, yea, not struggling with people for lovers, being with one who really loves you and is ready to give it all it takes to ever be in love with you.

As I was enjoying every bit of its stroke, from my neck, his fingers would run to the spines of my upper backbones, sending signals all through my body, increasing the levels of the sex hormones in my blood system, and he continues to discuss,

It in the process of our discussion that I know that he is the type that has many friends in the past, he thought as he has had many friends, they will be of immense assistance to one another in the future, because we use

friendship for nothing order than for assisting one another. However, when he got into problems, but he discovered that he was grossly mistaken, because the problem in which he has found himself, none of his friends come to his rescue, they all left him to sort himself out.

He was in this problem for months before he could get out of the problem. After he gets out of the problem, he discovers that people are not really committed to friendship as he has become committed to the friendship, people are just playing ostrich with the friendship they

said they are into with their partners and this was not what he has been told by his parents that friendship entails, for according to him his parents have believed that friends ought to be there at all times for his or her partner, and indeed during the period when things are out of

hand that is when people should be there for their partner, that is when they should let their partners lean on their shoulders. But since those he called his friends have failed to do this, he becomes disappointed. When he was discussing this with an elder in the society, the

elder told him that he used to laugh at him when he sees him in the companion of friends, and he will laugh and silently say to himself that this young man does not know that the world is not like this, the people of the world are full of deception, what everyone does is

facing his business alone, anything that they know would not bring them dividend, would not add to their growth financially or otherwise they will not do, yea what they know they will not benefit from they will not do. Therefore, when they see someone in trouble, they will


laugh at the person knowing that such a one would bring set back along their paths, they will thence dodge the person, leaving the person like a plague. He said when this young man told him this he was surprised, and said so this has been for long, and the man says that is

how humans are, and that is how they will continue to be, therefore he counsels that having experience this from his friends, he should learn from experience and should not allow that to repeat itself again. He says he thanked the man as they parted ways, since then,

he has been minding his business and has reduced the numbers of his friend. Life is full of challenges, full of different experiences I told him, balancing what you have told me with what my parents use to tell me, I know having many friends sometimes could be to one’s

disadvantage. He interrupted me, saying not “sometimes” it is “always”. And I said it cannot be always, there would be some people who will be outstanding, one cannot just conclude like that, I said to him. He replied that is okay. After this, we started playing, talking

on different issues in the society, cuddling each other kissing deeply and passionately. Hand-in-hand we strolled around the place, enjoying ourselves and having nice moments together. There are people who have been seeing us together, as they keep seeing us together,

they begin to wonder what has brought us together. This is because we are the silent type in the neighborhood.


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