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Grandma Brought Us Together #2

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On getting home, my mother says, what happened are there customers before him, for you return late? Then I told her that an old woman beacons to me while going and she was the one who halted my speed of getting the work done to time. “Oh, I see! I hope there is no

problem?” she asks taking the thing from me walking off to the kitchen, “no problem”, I replied as I followed her to the Kitchen. After this incident, I started paying extra attention to myself, and would not want to do anything that would bring disappointment to the hearts of

those people who have been saying positive things about me even without my knowing them, a good name is better than precious ointment…,” so says the Holy Book. Ever since the time the old woman told me this, I usually check her shop to see if she is around,

and if she is around, I would greet her before I continue. One day when passing her shop, I saw a young man there with him, and as my custom is, I greeted her, as I was about to turn around, she called me back, “sorry my damsel, let me introduce this young man to you, “yes

ma”, I replied, genuflecting. This young man moved to this area not long ago, and I have been studying him too, he is a noble man, and I recommend him to you, in case you are seeking for a durable friend, “yes ma”, I said again, trying to look at the young man, who is

smiling, as the old woman continues, this young man uses to take care of me like his mother, would buy things for me, give me money, and when he sees me packing my goods inside, he will branch to give me a helping hand and at times he will come to me to play with

me and we shall discuss myriad of things. As the people use to say that, character is like a smoke that cannot be hidden nor curtailed, I am convinced within me that he is well nurtured, and he will be a good friend to you if you can be his friend, two people cannot walk together


except they agree, so says the Holy Book, and when two people who agree and have the same character walk together, they shall do greatly she concluded. “Thank you ma”, I said again as the young man stretched out his hand to shake me, “it is a pleasure to meet you

today”, he says, “mama has spoken a lot about you and I have been longing for when we shall meet, thank God we eventually meet today, he says as I stretched my hand to shake his, his hand looks tender and soft like that of a baby and I begin to wonder, does this man live in

this neighborhood at all? Then I replied him, it is also my pleasure knowing you today sir. We shall talk better later, he says, “yes sir, I said as I left the place. The young man is also a reserved person and according to what I gather from neighbors about him afterwards, that old

woman is his only friend in the neighborhood, he does not mingle with people, and people have been saying he will be one hell of a man, a man who cannot be satisfied. But grandma says, he is well mannered, and the people are saying other things about him, I

become confused, telling myself that before I arrive at conclusion, I need to know the kind of person he is, maybe he is truly well mannered or he will be hard to please. In the course of our friendship, I discovered that he is as grandma said, good mannered, however he

does not make friends easily. I have not known much about him until after we started dating and then I really know that he is cool, comforting and reassuring, he can do anything to get his friend out of the problems they are into. One day, he told me that he wants him and

I to go to a place where we shall be alone together for he wants to tell me something. We arranged for where to go to in the island, he told me that I will meet him there.

Quotation: Ecclesiastes 7:1; Amos 3:3


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