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Grandma Brought Us Together #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


“You are one of the promising ladies in the neighborhood”, so says one of the mothers in the neighborhood to me one day while hurriedly moving to the junction to buy something for my mother, who has said as she has spat on the floor, the spittle should not be dried before I

return with the substance in my hands. Thus, I left the house with the speed of lightening hurrying to the junction. However, while hurriedly moving, she signals to me to stop and as the culture of the island is, when an elder person waves you down, except you did not see the

person, you must wait to listen to what she or he has to say to you. Therefore, I have to wait to listen to what she has to say, as I was panting, with my mind partially with her, because I do not want my mother to be grieved, but for umpteenth time my parents have been

telling me and other siblings that when an elder person stops us, we should wait to listen to what the elder one has to say. Though, I do not want to grieve her, but I have to also obey what she has said to me before, as I waited, walked to where she is sited, the old woman also

gently rising to her feet walks towards me, greets me as I genuflected, replying her, then she says, I see that you are in such a hurry, but for quite a while I have been noticing you around this neighborhood, studying you, and as I was doing this, I know others within the

neighborhood too were doing the same, and they are passing good recommendations and comments about you, that you are one of the promising ladies in the neighborhood, for no one can find you in company of the riffraff’s neither arguing with people nor meddling in the

affairs that do not concern you in the society. This that the people say about you intrigues me and I have been telling myself that one day that occasion meets time, and I have seen you well ahead before you get to me, because often time you would have gone before I see you,

for it seems you are always in a hurry to anywhere you are going. Today, occasion meets, time, I see you well before you get to me, and I have positioned myself to waive you down and to tell you what people have been saying about you, to boost you up and to always serve

as a reminder to you anywhere you go, that someone is somewhere looking at me. People in this part of the world hardly say this to people for they used to say when they say something like that to young ones they may become puffed up and would start misbehaving,

but I have a divergent view to theirs and do not believe what they are saying is right. Therefore, I have set it in my heart for a long while to boost you up so that you will continue to do what you are doing and would not divert to the right nor to the left but would better

improve on that attitude. I do not want you to change your behavior in the society, because as long as you continue to maintain your behavior that is when people will know that you are not borrowing other people’s attitudes and will know you are genuine, committed to

your course, thereafter your actions shall be rewarded by people near and far, for I am, sure that as we have been noticing you, others too will be noticing you. “Thank you grandma”, I said to her, genuflecting again. I can see that you are rushing to a place, I would

not want to delay you any further, that is all I have to say to you, she concluded. “Thank you grandma”, I greeted again, genuflecting as I rushed out of her presence to go and get what my mother has asked me to get for her. There was no customer with the man I wanted to

buy something from and he answered me quickly, for he also has known that I don’t waste time when I come to buy things from him. Immediately after answering me, I ran back home as fast as I can.