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I am a female a prolific writer with muti - talented skills, gifted with the ability to be naturally fluent in intellectual documentations.



Oh, grandmother, you raised me from just a little lad,

You were the best grandmother I ever had,

You gave me hope and you help me along the way, you made my bad days good oh how I hoped you had stayed.

But it was time for you to go I know because with your last breath you said so,

You’re with God now and keeping my brother's company when its time for me I hope I’ll be ready,

Both of you are now free, and sometimes I feel sad but yet I am happy,

You are with God your mummy and pappy.

I have grown up and in my head, I’m still hearing, "put God in everything you do".

Is what you were always saying.

© 2019 The Eloquent Heart Writer

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