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Grace and Love


Beauty in outward that appears

Sense of loneliness in your hands

Heart that longs for belongingness

A blank stare reflects in the eyes

The feeling of sadness that creeps

Things that keeping away from worth

Time consumed by the fame and lies

Deceptions from world made the heart dies

Hope in life that we must know

Not in our hands not in this world

For it destroys and steal of who we are

It hides the real meaning and truth

The truth that we don’t own it

The One that is mindful to all

Giving His heart for us to live

The One God that save us

Let ears and heart be open

Walls will be broken down

By the love of His Son for us

The Cross was shed by His Blood

For the redemption and freedom

Let your heart hear His voice

Take the hand of His Mightiness

For the revival of the heart that starts to die

Let your mind speak of His glory and power

Call on to Him the Mighty Name

The King of Kings and Lord of Lords

For we cannot save ourselves

Only the One Son of God Jesus Christ.

The hope of mankind through Him

His love for everyone never fails

The life with joy and peace in our hearts.

The truth in Him give us eternal life

© 2018 josiaharts

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