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Gotten More Than I Deserved #6

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


Since then we have been able to talk on the social media with ease, call with data, and I could call him with ease now unlike then that he was the one who was calling because of the credit cost. A week after this, he proposes to me, and I do not hesitate to reply that he has

Been in my heart for long but was thinking maybe he has been married. Then he told me all that my uncle has told me about him and says he has been afraid of talking to ladies because they use to behave funny sometimes. I told him I understand. As from seventh of

May that we have started our love relationship there has never been dull moment in my life. Then he has been helpful to me academically, although he has no degree, yet the simple assistances and comments he gives unto me while preparing for my assignments, mid-semester tests and examinations have shown me that I have taken the right step in deciding to

Be dating him. When the department was shortlisting for footballers, I told him that I know how to play football but I do not want to join the department’s football team because I do not want my academics to be negatively affected, he was the one who encourages me to

Join the department’s female football team stating that if I do not join and I see ladies who are not better playing for the department I will not be happy, and when I raised the issue of the academics, he said, I am not going to be the only one playing, other ladies who will be

Playing too are students like I am, and some of them I am better than, why not keep exercising your body, and who knows tomorrow, through sports you may hit it big, he has said. I told him I do not have intention of being a full-time footballer, no one knows

Tomorrow, he insists, and asks me to continue to play that he will always come around to cheer me up when I am on the field of play. And he has been doing that, anytime I have match he will come around, buy me different things, and buy things for the team too.

“Wow!” a lady exclaimed. In fact earlier before people know we are dating, they used to call him my brother, as my colleagues will ask where is your brother, when is he coming to visit us? Because they know whenever he comes around, he will come with something for

Them or take us all out to the joint to eat, when he cannot do that and he wants us together he will get them something while we go to a place to play together. Recently, as I was thinking about him again, I noticed that he has done a lot for me more that I have

Friendship Song - Bruno Mars | COUNT ON ME ( Lyric Video)♥

Imagined, I have received more than I bargained for from him, he is really helpful to me in my academics and other endeavors, he is my uncle indeed, my Love, My Joy, My Crown, My Diadem. Having said all this, my secret has been my God and the understanding partner

That I have gotten. Do you now advice that any of us start relationship at this level? Another lady asks. My reply to that is, individual person has her own differences, first understand yourself, then follow your heart. However in doing this know that what works for

One may not work for another person, what works for me may not work for you. One of the ladies interjected saying, I will pray what works for you work for me, I will ask for such grace he has given you to be given me by God. That is good, and then will you also be

Looking for someone who is older than you? Because you know he is older than me in all respects and matured in mind and otherwise. These I must tell you have been instrumental in the success of our romantic relationship because assuming he is of my age mate, some of the

Things he will not attach importance to, guy of my age may attach importance to it, although there are guys of our age too who are matured in mind, but they are not many. From this you all could see that there is no special thing attached to my success in being

Romantically involved with him other than that I followed my heart, and it turns out that my heart leads me right. I also pray that your hearts would lead you right in all your endeavors especially in the matter of who to be romantically involved with. After this, they

Wished her well in her second semester examinations as they stand to leave. She saw them off and returned to her room, called her Diadem, after talking for about thirty minutes, she slept off….