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Gotten More Than I Deserved #5

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

Pastor Ejide, Uncle

Pastor Ejide, Uncle

Perhaps it was when I said this to him that he started seeking for a partner, but he couldn’t find the person he likes, and my uncle concludes, that “we are still on the lookout for a better lady for him”. I sighed on hearing this and said may God quickly comfort him and give him a

Responsible and decent lady. After hearing this from my uncle, my heart was specially attracted to him, and I know deep within me that the kind of attraction my heart has for him is deeper than friendship attraction alone. As I became subsumed with my thought, the words of

My parents keep coming to my mind, I should be far off males now if I really want to finish my education. Whenever I remember this, I will try not to think about him again but the thought would not be sustained for long, as few hours after if not minutes my mind would

Revert to him. And as my mind keeps disturbing me about his thought, I discovered that reading and studying becomes harder for me, for what I do read to understand easily it will take me hours before grasping anything from thereby. Then, during the mid-semester break,

That I went home, I visited my uncle and intriguingly, My Love also comes around few minutes after getting to my uncle’s place, we really talked at length that day, he counseled me that I should face my studies because academics is one of the Visa to entering different

Countries of the world. My Uncle for whatever reasons leave us to be discussing and would not disturb us as he and his children were playing, during our discussion he asks of my telephone number, saying that he can be calling me to greet me. I asked if he has an Android

Phone and he told me that, he is a business man, he does not need android, he though has it sometimes but when it develops fault, he decides to forgo it, for its battery does not last like small phones. Then I told him that he needs to know that students like me are still dependent

Microbiology students in the examination hall

Microbiology students in the examination hall

On our parents, and guardians for money as such we cannot be taken out of the meagre money given us as pocket money to be buying recharge cards often, albeit, if we buy data we can chat with our friends, download assignments and do other things at a cheaper rate like

That. He says he understands. If you therefore want to me to be calling you sometimes you will need to get an Android so that I shall be calling through data. He says he understands that he will try and get another Android phone, but for now, he does not have

That in his mind, and he will be calling me instead. That was how we started communicating. As we have started communicating, my mind was relieved and my reading changed, I could read and understand easily now unlike before. As from that time, he will call

Me at least once every two days, if not daily. As this relationship grows, I never knew he has also been thinking about me, I was thinking that soon enough he will see the handwriting clearly written that I am in love with him. Two months after this when we finished our

Second semester examination, he called me and I told him that I have finished my examination and would be coming home. He replied that he cannot wait to see me, “me too”, I replied. Then he said, when I arrived that he has an assignment for me, I asked what the

Assignment is maybe I will prepare from school, he said I should not worry for it is a small assignment that I can do anytime I arrived. Immediately I arrived, and he phones, he asks if I can come and see him at his office, and I went to his business outlet, there he told me

That he has saved money for the Android phone that I said he should buy, but as a naïve man he would not know which one would be better, thence he wants to me follow him to where they are selling Android Phones to help him buy good ones. We went to the place together and he bought a new Android Phone.