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Gotten More Than I Deserved #4

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However, after she graduated from the University and was given admission for her master’s program in one of the advanced countries, that was when the situation with my friend changed, because some months after she got to the advanced countries, her frequency

Of contacting my friend started diminishing, and with time she stopped contacting my friend. At the last time she will contact him through email, she told him that she is sorry, she cannot continue with the relationship again. She appreciated my friend profusely, telling him

That if not for him she perhaps may not have graduated from the University, adding that she underline the word perhaps because it has been in the plan of God that she will be a graduate in her life, and thence, if he does not do it, she was sure that God would raise

Someone else for her who will assist her to graduate from the university. So, she said my friend should not think she has done something extra-ordinary, something unheard of before. However so that she will not look like a beast without thought, she has estimated all that my

Friend has spent on him when she was in the institution and has even added to the estimate and has asked a friend who is in the island to deposit the money in his account, because according to her, she knows my friend would not receive the money from her hand,

But since she knows his account details she has asked the person to help him deposit the money in his account, so that she will be freed and her conscience would not imprisoned her. She also did this because then there was no internet connections like this that would enhance

Transfer of money easily from a part of the country to another. My uncle says when my Love receives this email, as she mentions her Love, her phone rang, and on checking the caller, she discovers that it was her Love that was calling, she asks that she be given few

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Minutes to answer his call which all the ladies agreed to. Then she answers her call and they discussed for about two minutes, she told him that she has visitors and would call him back when she is through with them. She ended the call and continued with her discussion.

As I was saying, when my Love receives the email, he had to print it out and take it to my uncle who after reading it says he was also short of words, the person they all have been thanking God that would bring liberty to my friend has turned him down suddenly. After

Sitting looking at each other for about ten minutes according to my uncle, he said he started talking, and he told him that what happened is good at that point although very difficult to bear, but it is still better because if such happens after their marriage he will not

Like it, if the woman files for divorce some years after marriage he will not like it, therefore he should thank God, he told him. My Love says he was weighed down for months, and was a shadow of himself, thinking of where to start from. According to him, he did not

Touch the money she sent for months and was thinking of giving it out to charity but my uncle told him that he should not act foolishly, and he should use the money to expand his business. After months that he has been offered this counsel, he started withdrawing the

Money to expand his business. Due to this nasty experience, my uncle says he has no feelings for ladies again, and would not propose to anyone, my uncle says they spoke to him severally that he needs to forget that and that if he fails to take step they will get for him a decent lady.