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Gotten More Than I Deserved #3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


“Oh! I can see” another replied taking the spoon from her, as they all joined her and take the spoon from her except one of them who says, she does not like pap but she says she will take the bean cake. They all ate silently, while watching the program on the television which

Is called “Sports Delight”. After they have finished eating they started their talking with the advert that they have seen on the television about people who used to bet on matches, asking that is it good? After serious talk, they all agreed that one man’s food is another man’s

Poison that, many of sports enthusiasts cannot but bet on the team they are supporting at a time or another, while the lady also adds that many of those who are paying the players are paying them from the bet money, because from the betting they will make money to pay the

Players and she also tell them that though she does not bet, but as a player, she cannot discourage anyone who is sure on the team not to bet. From this one of them asks her that she wants to ask her a question and the question has been bothering her mind for a while and the

Question centers on her marital life. She told her that she heard that she is engaged to a man, who also is not a student and they are getting on well according to what she heard, in addition to this, she also discovers that her romantic involvement does not affect her

Academics, the lady nodded her head in approval. “Now my question is this, I want to know the secret, of your combining those aspects together with it not affecting your academic growth?” She finally asked. You have asked me a good question, I want you to know that

When I was young the teaching of my parents to us is that we should not be romantically involved with anyone when we are in the school because they will negatively affect our academics. Which I also strongly believe some of you here may have been told similar thing.


They all said yes, as she continued, when I found my spouse too, I did not want to go into relationship with him because the sayings of my parents keep coming to my heart, but the more I try to avoid the man, the more his thought keep coming to my heart, and I discovered

That, the thought of him was negatively affecting me, even in my studies. This happened when I was in my first year in the university. The young man is the closest friend to my uncle, whom I used to visit whenever I go home or during our short break, I cannot but see

Him thrice a week if not more. He is married with three children but this friend of his who is now my spouse is not married. One day I asked my uncle about his wife, and he told me that he is yet to be married, because his former spouse whom he co-sponsored in the

University because at a time her mother took ill, the sickness of her mother was very serious such that all their resources were being spent on the woman’s illness in the hospital, buying several drugs and local herbs to treat her, this took several months such that they had

To tell her that they are not sure if they will be able to sponsor her in the University again because they have ran into serious debt and it was not as if the woman has been restored to health. This lady tearfully got to my friend, who has been covertly in romantic relationship

With her then, explained everything to him. My friend then has started albeit a business on a small scale, and because my friend could not complete his university degree, he told her that, he will not allow what happened to him to happen to her, he will do everything within

His power to see that she completes her education. She was elated to hear this and promised her unflinching love for him.