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Gotten More Than I Deserved #2

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This ought to be because the institutions lecturers ought to be the think-tank of the island, but this has been lacking in the island, because those lecturers are not doing research as they ought to be doing and those who claim to be doing research, their research are perhaps

Substandard and not innovative enough to meet with the present world’s demands. However with the recent development of economic nosedive, and with reduced allocations to the institutions of higher learning across the island, the lecturers have sit tight and are

Designing new means of generating money into the coffers of their institutions if they really wish to maintain the standard of education and be paying their members of staff as and when due. Since the time that the authorities have established the institution no new dorms

Have been constructed, which therefore opens the door for private investors who started building houses around the university and renting it out to students and other members of staff who work in the university. Due to this, we have found micro-scale and small-scale

Businesses thriving at these areas, and the place have become a beehive of activities. It is one of the apartments outside the campus that the lady lives in with her friends. That is where those junior students have gone to, on a Saturday when there was no lecture on the campus,

And the sporting activities that used to characterize Saturday on the institution’s mini stadium used to be twice, that day, the first is in the morning while the second is in the evening, 7:00 to 10:00 hours and 16:00 to 19:00 respectively. They got to her apartment

Pap and bean cake

Pap and bean cake

Around 11:00 hours by the time they know she would have returned home, because she also is one of the female football player for the department, she is one of her strikers and used to go to stadium to train with others every Saturdays. They believe she would have returned

To her hostel at that period and that was what happened, she has returned, showered, and has settled down to take the “pap” she has prepared, after her showering. The pap is yellowish it has taken the color of turmeric which has been added to it alongside other things. She

Has bought from one of the local food vendors on her way back to her dorm “bean cakes” which she will use in taken the pap. She adds honey to the pap and powdered milk which she has mixed together with the honey to make good mixture before pouring the mixture on the

Pap, puts on her small television and opens the fan to help in the cooling of the hot pap. She has barely taken a spoon of the pap to her mouth when she heard a knock on the door, and she asks them to come in. She was elated to see them, saying, “I am having great visitors

Today, the entire department has come to visit me” as the culture of the island, she pushes the chair she was sitting on backwards with her thigh, stands to her feet walked to the kitchen and saying as she was walking that they should sit down. She soon returned to where they are

With five spoons in her hand, “you have walked well” she said a proverb of the island, “this I am eating, please join me”. They all ask her not to worry, saying she has not prepared theirs’. Then she replied, that, when there is love, small food will be more than enough for

All, you remember that Christ also fed multitude of people with insignificant things, five loaves, and two fishes, yes we all remember but you are not Jesus, one of them replied. She responded, I am not saying I am Christ, what I am saying is Christ by this demonstrated love

To us all that if we have love for one another, small food we shall happily eat together and be contented.

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Pap: Pap is a local food in the island which is gotten from “ogi”. Ogi as it is called is grinded Guinea corn and some people do prepare their “ogi” from the maize. Depending on the person who prepares the ogi, people do add ginger, garlic, and turmeric to it….

Quotation: Mathew 14:17

On the Proverb: “you have walked well” is a proverb in the island which means the person has good mind towards the person he or she is paying a visit, they used to utter this when someone meets them when they are at the table eating