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Gotten More Than I Deserved #1

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Tola Elizabeth at Republic of Benin

Tola Elizabeth at Republic of Benin

She is one of the graduating students in one of the universities of the island, she has been paid a visit by five ladies in her department, they are in their second year in the University, they have been telling her for a while that they will pay her a visit and she has been telling

Them that they are mostly welcome anytime to her apartment. Those students have studied her and noticed that she is one of the senior colleagues in their department who loves those in the junior level, she will counsel them, give them advises as per their academics, how they

Can go about their studies, what they need to read to make it brilliantly in the departmental examinations and in case of borrowed courses, she will equally be there to advise them. She does not love failure, and this she repeatedly tell the students in the junior levels that failure is

Not for them, if they could scale through the hurdles of the High School and secured admission into the institution, they can make it she will tell them. Sharing the story of her past with some of them, that when she was in the high school she had difficulties passing

Those examinations because she has no good instructors in her subjects and she had to do the reading all by herself before she could pass those subjects. Having passed and secured admission she has discovered that university is easier, because it is in a staircase phenomena

That the courses would be introduced to students which basically is being built on what they have learnt while in High Schools. Having gotten that, she has no difficulty whatsoever in making her papers since her first year in the University and now she stands among the

Leading students in her department whereas those who people have eyed to lead the department are nowhere to be found near her because they have not really discovered themselves as she has discovered herself. So, she will tell them what they need to do is to first

Discover themselves, if they can discover themselves, their reading pattern and not imitate anyone, they are bound for greater heights, in fact, they would make it more than she does, she will tell them. “If you can be admitted into this institution, I believe you are not a dullard,

I believe you have high intelligent quotient, because everyone who is admitted into this institution would be screened by the authorities, they will never screened in someone who has low intelligent quotient, and having scaled through the screenings, I believe you are a

Potential material for exploits” she will tell the junior students, “what you however need to do is prove yourself to worth it”. Many of the junior ones do go to her for counsel on academics, they also rejoice with her success, as she is always happy with others success and

Progress, she never envies anyone of them, never envies anyone’s success, but rejoices with others. This they have noticed and some of the ladies have been telling her that they shall pay her a visit one day to which she has been replying them that she will be immensely

Glad to welcome them to her apartment. She is living outside the dormitories of the campus, the dormitories built by the authorities of the university cannot accommodate one percent of the students admitted, the dormitories in place has been built since the institution

Was founded about thirty years ago, no new dorm built since then because the authorities are saying there is economic meltdown which affects the allocations being released to universities and other institutions of higher learning in the island. Of late, the leaderships of

The island have asked the institutions authorities to seek for means of generating income internally to add to whatever the government has given them for the running of the institutions.

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