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Goodwin Goblin

I enjoy expressing my thoughts through poetry, travel, well-being, and business tips.


The Goodwin Goblin lives near me

Wanders the pathway filled with glee

He trots along usually at night

Oh dear wow, he’s such a sight!

He wears a coat of gold and green

Sometimes he hides, cannot be seen

He loves to sneak around and play

But this goblin, he won’t ruin your day

He’s a mischievous but contented soul

And tricking people is not his goal

He enjoys living within the trail

Will sometimes snack on crunchy kale

He’s happy in winter to see the snow

But also in spring when flowers grow

Mysterious goblin, tough but sweet

This holiday we will bring you a special treat

A pretty pot filled with coins of gold

And books with tales of stories told

Goodwin Goblin, you are a wonderful find

Like a fairy tale, comforting and kind.

© 2019 Nella DiCarlo

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