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Goodwill Counting


As our statue does so gracefully stand on that golden shore,

Over the years it has stood for liberty, freedom forevermore.

We shall never abandon chosen precepts, in unison, we are,

Having earned the right to choose them, by wars, fought afar.

Always we have abided in faith, to set good examples for all,

Around the world, over oceans and lands, to answer our call.

No mundane or ill-advised rhetoric, poor acts will ever change.

The basis of democracy, foundations strong, not to rearrange.


When those who come in, try to change all our goodwill's intent,

Shall each meet our nation's resistance, for is as heaven sent.

Are built upon the rights of people, basic needs of all mankind,

These are the rules that lead us, the stronger in the will to bind.

Founding fathers graciously saw to this, our futures were at stake,

No one individual will remove our rights, not one difference make.

The glue that holds us all together is formed from the earthen soil,

We were meant to serve as a beacon, earned by our own hard toil.


America will always serve as a light, to show the righteous way,

Everything that we say and is to be done, revered, here to stay.

We all hold the responsibility to make right each harmful wrong,

The constitution spells this so plain, we shall do our duty strong.

We all owe it to our children to always do the courageous thing,

The future will show for all to know, much hope we always bring.

We shall never give in to a life of sin and to others who have lied,

Taking great pride in our roles, our trust, in faith, always to abide.


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