Goodness of Heart

Updated on March 8, 2018
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It started as hobby, then published my works in souvenirs, now entering the international arena writing has become my passion. Encourage me.

Blood group differentiate
A, B, AB, O, + or -
Heart Group has no

Blood grids Red & White
Blood grills Rich & Poor
Blood build pressure High & Low
Heart beats as Human knows

Heart segments wellness of mankind
Heart oxyginates for mankind
Heart originates from mankind
Blood lessens for refill

Group human in Heart
Fill them with strength of Heart
Blood flows & oozes out
Heart beats the sound of life

Heart does all for human
Feels the Love & Hate
Blood transfuses without symptom
It's the source of life
But not of mankind

HEART is the sign of L O V E



Create groups of human
With qualities of heart:

Thy Peace of H E A R T

Thy Wellness of H E A R T

Thy Goodness of H E A R T


© 2018 Sampad Bose


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    • Mark Tulin profile image

      Mark Tulin 8 days ago from Santa Barbara, California

      Wow. Love the quick-hitting cadence of this poem. Good one.