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Goodbye and a Welcome


All the days that passed by

All the memories that made us cry

All the good days that we laughed so high

It’s a goodbye for a year that gave us life

We failed, we tried

They managed yet some of us gave up

New born babies cried out loud

Sorrowful moments in funeral whines out

Life moved on

Strangers walked in

Friends walked out

The few precious ones remained all throughout

Learnt new things

Recalled the known

While you enjoyed the long nights

They cried themselves to sleep tight

A step closer to those dreams

Another day you’ve lived

You’ve learnt a lot, from people and things

You are grown up, to be better than yesterday

To all those lessons learnt

To all those that made you strong

For the situations that gave you hope

For the moments you could never turn to words…

Happy endings for a beautiful 2017

© 2017 Sammani Galagamaarachchi

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