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Goodbye Baby


Her eyes locked with his,

searching for any reason she could find,

Why would he just walk away,

leaving her behind.

What had went so wrong,

that would make him want to go,

She searched his face for answers but

nothing he would show.

Her lips began to tremble,

her eyes filled with tears,

her hands began to tremble as they

reached for his.

She tried to find the words to ask,

what could have went so wrong,

all he said was goodbye baby,

time to go on alone.

She twisted the ring on her finger

remembering the day he put it there,

She remembered in that day how much

he loved her and how much he cared.

She put the ring on the table,

looking for the last time at his face,

there would never be another, who could ever take his place,

Goodbye Baby !

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