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Good Health - A Wishful Thinking

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There is an old saying that health is wealth. It still holds good and is true in its entirety. There are many schools of thoughts and doctrines which exist in this world for guiding people as how to keep a good health. Still, it is not known how effective they are and what is the authenticity of these sermons made by qualified and influential people.

Traditionally, people had tried various combination of herbs and natural products, medicines, exercises, different lifestyles, etc for keeping a good health but all those remedies are not successful in all the cases. Each and every approach for curing a person from ailments has certain limitations and their effectiveness is also not known with certainty whether it will be successful in a particular case or not. Medical science has done phenomenal progress in the area of curing diseases and ailments but still there are many grey areas and science has to find out new methods and new techniques for eradicating the ailments from human lives.

A good lifestyle coupled with a regime of exercises is said to be the the main guiding factor for keeping a good health but that also has it's own shortcomings as no one knows exact proportion of these things which one requires to undertake and the exact amount of consumption of food that is to be done. So, getting rid of diseases and ailments is as challenging today as it was in earlier times and we do not know how these things will be taken up in the coming times when we will have more and more pollution and other chemical and biological changes in our environment and surroundings. Future could be more dreadful from this point of views.

This poem is written with these thoughts going in the background of our mind where the humans yearn for a happy and disease free life and pray for it to the almighty and try all sort of remedies available in this world.

Good health - A wishful thinking

Some are born healthy,

While some are born with ailments.

Some are very strong and robust,

While some have no healthy moments.

Nature is very much kind,

Providing air, water, and fire to all.

It gives enough food to us,

And water from the water falls.

Every particle in nature is,

Full of vigor and energy.

But same thing in some people,

Is creating a chronic allergy.

Physician say it is lack of immune,

While saints say it is fate.

Some people attribute it to skeleton bodies,

While others attribute it to high weight.

Scientists and scholars are relentlessly pursuing,

To unravel the mysteries of good health.

It is really very strange that,

We can't buy good health even with immense wealth.

Good health is a great ambition,

That many people dream.

But who cares in this world,

For the ailing person's scream.

I only wish that medical science,

Would soon resolve the good health mystery.

And with that the ailments and bad health,

Would be a thing of history.

Healthy living


© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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