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Good or Gone


I’ve enjoyed writing for many years. I'm dedicating more time to the craft in my retirement days.


Good or Gone

If you think to yourself:

Make money, make money I will!

Toss together some words

That are no more than swill

You have erred

You’re confused

You arrived at a tree

Where your bark

Will get no bite

Do you see?

If you think to yourself:

Make money, make money I shall!

Recycle cute phrases

You got from Google, old pal

You’ve misjudged

You’re mistaken

You arrived at a fork

Where your choice

Is like Yogi’s

But don’t take it

Definition of dosh

British, informal

: money

— “Dosh.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/

If you think to yourself:

Make money, make money by gosh!

I’ll tell my life story

Just think of the dosh!

Please rethink


I beg of you please

Hook a louie

Do a U-ie

For me

For us

And indeed…

For youie

I’m asking

For a friend

My friend

Or my acquaintance

If you’d rather

As a substitute

Consider realistically

Your efforts

Not super

But supernumerary

Direct yourself

To point ‘B’

Is that point ‘B’ you just said?

Point ‘B’ did you say?

It seems to me, mon ami

That that’s the wrong way!

Shouldn’t instead

I go looking

For starting point ‘A’?

Oh, hey

No way, I say

Not starting point ‘A’

That’s the wrong way


Head instead

On over

To point ‘B’

And then ‘E’

And then Gee





You see

It’s a message

From me


Or be good

Get good

The former

Or the latter

Is fine

For what I have in mind

‘Cuz it’s the writing

The lettering

The letters

The prose

The script

The words to the page

The things that get writ

And wrote

And written

And said





Those all

They must be

Gee double oh

Gee double oh dee

Do you see?


Let that be

The case









© 2021 greg cain


greg cain (author) from Moscow, Idaho, USA on January 15, 2021:

Thanks, Brenda. Just a little light-hearted morning starter. Have a wonderful day!

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on January 14, 2021:

A cute one.

Especially for this time when a video has surfaced making people think they can get rich quick.

I hope their writing improves soon. My email is receiving messages too.

Got to hand it to you...love your humor.

greg cain (author) from Moscow, Idaho, USA on January 14, 2021:

Hi Sp, I figured that's what happened...and no worries. I've taken care of it. Thanks for the kind words. Always a pleasure. Be well and be safe.

Sp Greaney from Ireland on January 14, 2021:

Apologies, this comment went to the wrong article, you cant delete. This poem is really good. You have a good way of making your point.

greg cain (author) from Moscow, Idaho, USA on January 14, 2021:

Yeppers, Sha. If the effort is serious and genuine, I am eager and love to help. If it is chasing after the elusive quick buck, not so much. Good week good friend.

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on January 14, 2021:

I love this, Box! My inbox has been inundated with people who think they can write asking how to improve their articles. First, learn the language! So much crap has been showing up in my feed, many of which result in a 404 error message.

I so agree with you. Be gone you pesky mosquitoes! Stop wasting our time.

greg cain (author) from Moscow, Idaho, USA on January 13, 2021:

Couldn’t agree more, John. Just had this started up from a few days back so I rounded it off and put it out there...my feeling is that this too shall pass...

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on January 13, 2021:

This sure gets the message across in a very humorous way. I doubt that those it is aimed at would be able to understand it, unfortunately. Good poem though, Greg. You got me smiling.

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