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Good Times Are Like Rainbows - Response to Word Challenge

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Brenda Arledge is punctually providing us with a word every week to inspire and motivate us to produce some creative poem or prose incorporating that word in our creative writing. For the week 38 challenge, she has given us the word 'Rainbows' which of course evokes a pleasant feeling in our mind and I have taken the opportunity to write a poem and also an acrostic poem using this word prompt.

We all know and well understand that life is an arduous journey full of challenges and problems. But we have to face them, we have to solve them, we have to conquer upon them, and then tread ahead through that difficult path.

During this journey, it is also possible that sometimes things happen in favourable ways and good times are also encountered which we all of course enjoy, relish, and feel good about it.

I have compared the good times in our lives with the rainbows that appear from time to time depending upon the direction of sunlight and the presence of small water droplets in the atmosphere. Rainbows are so colourful and bring a great feeling of rejoicing in our minds and from child to the elderly everyone enjoys that great beauty presented by the nature.

Good times in our lives are like the rainbows which suddenly come across our view and enthral us. They do not remain there for long and fade out soon but they again come back after a gap and again make our lives happy and pleasant. Let us hope and wish they come into our lives often.

The strange journey of life is,
Long, tedious, and difficult.
For treading ahead properly in it,
Everything is to be carefully dealt.

Every moment there are challenges,
Every moment there are problems.
We solve them one by one,
But many are emerging from sumps.

Occasionally we get help also,
From a kind hearted samaritan.
And also get help from a good friend,
Who saves us from the clutches of Satan.

When occasional good times come,
Everything becomes favourable and convenient.
But it is for a very short term,
As the new bigger challenges become pertinent.

Good times in lives are actually,
Like the colourful and nice rainbows.
These are only formed in favourable circumstances,
When rain and sunlight meet in the sky lows.

Rainbows bring pleasant feelings of,
Awe and inspiration in all of us.
They are occasional arcs in the sky,
And full of beauty and joy plus.

Rainbows - An acrostic poem

Rain is the mother,

And sunshine is the father,

In making a rainbow of that order.

Normally in an arc form,

Bending in style,

Only in its own colourful ways,

With the magnificent sun rays,

Surely a delightful maze.

© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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