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I Am With You Always. Monday's Inspiration 47. A Most Soulful Offering to Mary Norton

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Wisdom from the Master

"Self-awakening means God's flowering,

In and through me." -Sri Chinmoy

"Spirituality is not merely tolerance.

It is not even acceptance.

It is the feeling of universal oneness." -Sri Chinmoy


I am With You Always. A Memorial Poem for Mary Norton

Good men are like flowers, nourishing

Our souls with the wafts of their sacrifice.

Endearing, like fireflies,

They pilot our Hearts like helmsmen,

Always pointing to a more translucent Light.

Why do you weep, my Sweetheart?

I lie as a kernel, in your memories of forever;

My charisma, is in the aroma of each new dawn.

I hid my Love in tapestries of diamond raiment’s,

Unfolding, as it should, with each fragrant

Petal of your soul.

Sing, sing, my beloved.

On the Elysian lap of Light, I travel,

Still wooing your tenderness with laughter;

Dancing in the breath of daffodils,

Biding the hour of God to take you Home.

Manatita, the Lantern Carrier. 11th November, 2018


Good Poetry is a Storyline

Good poetry, is like a storyline.

We condense in a few words,

The magic of an entire manuscript.

Grey clouds veil the sky, but when they part,

One sees clearly the perennial heavens.

Good poetry, is sometimes painful, like thorns.

We hurt in places where the Light enters,

Carrying with it, the wafts of beautiful roses.

Yet ‘though charming and magical, how can my musings,

Express the bewildering Light of the new Jerusalem?

I say that Love is a breath of music,

A diamond necklace, garlanding my Spirit.

I say it is the core of all majesties, emitting,

Like the sun, the pinnacle of an amazing Light!

Yet all these are inadequate translations.

Beloved, how can I speak of my joy last night,

When we kissed, in an ocean of dazzling delight?

Can you feel this? This wine is only for lovers,

Drunk with the intensity of longing;

When the eloquence of speech, is found wanting.

Last night we embraced with tenderness.

I was enthralled as the stars sought me, a playmate

For the indigo moon. Lost in a world of heavenly

Enchantment, I knew not who I was, nor

The comings’ and goings of Love’s incandescent glow.

Good poetry, are the lips of my Sweetheart,

Dowsing the flames of Hades …

And Her fire quells, the anguish of the soul.

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 10th November, 2018.

*Awakening The Inner Light*


Wisdom from the Master

"Be sincere in your thoughts.

Be pure in your feelings.

You will not have to run after happiness.

Happiness will run after you." -Sri Chinmoy

Wisdom from The Master

"Yesterday I was clever,

That's why I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise,

That's why I'm changing myself." -Sri Chinmoy

Flowering eloquence

© 2018 manatita44

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