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Good Poems for the Soul

Have you ever just taken a moment to enjoy life? Did you value the small things that make you smile or happy such as kind words, a raise in income or a cool travel destination?

The poems I have written below is good for the mind, body and soul. I hope these poems put you in a great mood and make your day.

Poetry has a way of touching our hearts and minds. It leaves us with different emotions. Poetry is a window to the soul. Let poetry inspire you.

If you love reading a poem, this may bring some comfort to you.

Have a wonder week and try to be happy in your life. You owe it to yourself to enjoy what the lord has given you. Let nothing steal your joy.

Oh How Time

How time has shown its age

A book written page by page

Life with its highs and lows

That keep us on our toes

Oh how time never ends

We learn to make our amends

The ladder

To success

Some may be blessed

Others not so lucky

But must still pass the test

Ambition is the thing

Ambition is the thing that anchors in

the soul

It counts the days like stars

To take on ego

Ambition is the thing

That runs the fastest marathon

Creating a pathway just

To live on

You were

You were not made to be weak

You were born unique

Every inch of you

Is something truly


A hour spent

With good cheer

Do something special

This year

Because you were made

in light

Super awesome and bright


To have peace

of mind

A peace of time


Back in the day

When those were the days


Leading the way

With peace of heart

Our brains more smart

Let peace guide our way

Let it stay

For Awhile

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