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Good Or Bad Poetry Who Decides?


Good or bad poetry?

I initially started writing poetry on hubpages from a therapeutic angle.

I found that writing down the thoughts and emotions that were running through my screwed up head, helped me to better understand them, and how to deal with them.

I also found that poetry is a good medium to add strength and feeling to the words.

And gives you more flexibility from the grammar and speling police !!

While researching some of the famous poets I remembered that old Scottish poet William Topaz Mcgonagall.

Mcgonegall became famous for all the wrong reasons. Despite his reputation as the "world's worst poet" McGonagall's poems are, to use a contradictory phrase. So bad they are good. One of his most famous. "The Tay Bridge Disaster" has been hailed as the worst example of poetry in English literature.

Here is a extract from one he was paid to write for sunlight soap, which

might have gave him a career in advertising.

You can use it with great pleasure and ease

Without wasting any elbow grease;

And when washing the most dirty clothes

The sweat won't be dripping off your nose;

You can wash your clothes with little rubbing

And without scarcely any scrubbing;

And I tell you once again without any joke

There's no soap can surpass Sunlight Soap;

And believe me, charwomen one and all,

I remain yours truly, the Poet .Mcgonagall

So in answer to my question in poetic form.

Good or bad, right or wrong.

The verdict of this minion.

When everything is said and done.

It's a matter of opinion.


What is poetry?

I will finish with a tribute to Mcgonagall

The different types of poetry

Is wide and so diverse.

I thought the only kind there was

Was rhyming it in verse.

I’ve had a go at writing some,

I do from time to time.

But the only kind that I can write

Is putting down in rhyme.

It doesn’t really matter

If it’s Byron, Keats, or Blake.

The main thing in your poem,

Are the thoughts your readers take.

I’ve heard it said that poetry

Is a painting done in words.

If that is to be the case,

My paintings must be turds.

Your poem can be funny,

Sad, or from the heart.

Decide what kind it’s going to be,

And then just make a start.

So now you know McGonagall

I’m coming on the rails.

The title world’s worst poet?

It’s a toss up heads or tail