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Good Old Fashioned P B and J Sandwich

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Just What The Doctor Ordered

Bringing back all the good childhood memories

Sinking my teeth into the soft bread

Watching the jelly ooze out the sides

My favorite jelly is grape

Apple and strawberry aren't so bad either

The peanut butter can stick to the roof of my mouth

I don't care

I am even eating the crust of the bread

Most kids don't like

The good thing is now I can have two sandwiches

When I was young I could just have one

Twice the fun

Pass me a nice tall glass of cold milk

Even a few cookies and I am a happy as a clam

All these years I never knew how a clam could be happy?

The sun in my eyes

Is no surprise

It's in the middle of the day

There are my neighbors chickens pecking away

Under our bird feeder

Earlier the chipmunk climbs to get his fill

Then knocks the seed down to the ground

Everybody gets to eat

As I take another bite

Enjoying it as if was the last peanut butter and jelly sandwich ever made

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